NAF Love The Skin He's In Skin Wash 1lt & Deep Cleansing Towel

NAF Love The Skin He's In Skin Wash 1lt & Deep Cleansing Towel

NAF Love The Skin He's In Skin Wash 1lt & Deep Cleansing Towel


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Brand: NAF
Code: 9996237044
Weight: 1000g


NAF Love The Skin He's In Skin Wash offers the premium skin care your horse’s skin deserves. Love the SKIN he’s in Skin Wash is a gentle unique blend of herbal ingredients, including Aloe Vera, designed to help support damaged or challenged skin affected by lumps, bumps, rashes or mild irritations. This 3 in 1 product provides optimum skin care whichever way you choose to use it on your horse. Either as a hot towel wash following clipping or for a deep clean, as a cold wash for a refreshing cleanse to lift sweat, grease and dust from the coat, or applied directly to the skin in a concentrated form to address specific areas requiring attention.


Hot Towel Wash:

Perfect for a deep clean, or following clipping. Mix 1 capful in 5L of hot water (not boiling). Soak NAF Deep Cleansing Towel in water and wring out until just damp. Use a circular motion to work firmly into the coat.

Cool Wash:

Cleansing and refreshing after exercise. Recommended to support healthy skin especially when challenged by seasonal reactions. Mix 2 capfuls in 10L of cold water and use to wash the horse down using a sponge. Remove excess with a sweat scraper.

Concentrated Use:

Use undiluted for stubborn areas or specific lumps. Pour Skin Wash onto a sponge or cloth and apply directly to affected area. For best results use NAF Deep Cleansing Towel. Leave to dry.


NAF recommend a small test patch prior to initial use. For External Use Only. For Animal Use Only.

Not recommended for Greys as can cause slight discolouration.


Blend of herbal ingredients.