Nicocig Menthol Cartridge For Electronic Cigarette Medium Strength

Nicocig Menthol Cartridge For Electronic Cigarette Medium Strength

Nicocig Menthol Cartridge For Electronic Cigarette Medium Strength

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Brand: Nicocig
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Nicocig is the premier brand of electronic cigarettes, also called e-cigs, in the UK.  The lives of countless tobacco smokers have been transformed by this innovative product that delivers a purified form of nicotine vapour to the body without all the hazardous chemicals, carcinogens and toxins found in tobacco smoke.

Nicocig is a Truly Innovative Alternative

The Nicocig electronic cigarette provides smokers with a cleaner and safer “hit” of nicotine without most of the deadly side effects of tobacco smoke. It has the remarkable ability to simulate the entire smoking experience authentically, including satisfying the strong cravings most smokers experience. Nicocig satisfies those cravings in a unique and efficient way by delivering a measured dose of purified nicotine when the smoker inhales. When the smoker exhales, only an odourless, harmless water vapour is emitted. The result? Users can “vape” anywhere in a socially acceptable way, without the restrictions of having to smoke outdoors.

What is Nicocig?

Nicocig, simply put, is the premier brand of electronic cigarettes on the market today. Also called e-cigs, these are nothing less than highly efficient nicotine delivery systems that are in no way subject to the smoking ban. Why? Well, the ban refers to tobacco products that are lit, electronic cigarettes don’t contain any tobacco at all, and never is any part lit. Although the tip of the Nicocig glows realistically, it’s merely an LED light. The lives of countless smokers in the UK have been positively affected when they switched from tobacco cigarettes to Nicocig. They saved huge amounts of money too, and now more and more smokers are giving up their matches and lighters everyday and turning to this innovative, revolutionary and realistic alternative to smoking.

An Innovative Alternative

As a smoker you are probably aware of many other products that deliver nicotine without the use of lit tobacco, however electronic cigarettes like Nicocig not only satisfy those nagging and urgent cravings but also offer an authentic simulation of the entire smoking experience at the same time. All smokers know that much of their smoking addiction is down to habit. It is this reason that the ritual of lighting up and enjoying the motion of putting a cigarette to their lips and inhaling is so important. Electronic cigarettes combat this very issue, offering the oral gratification as well as satisfying their nicotine craving.

 Nicocig benefits

There’s a host of benefits associated with e-cigs, and all of them are certain to improve your health and the health of those around you. Although the nicotine from an e-cig is delivered through the lungs, it has none of the 4000 known harmful substances contained in tobacco smoke. In addition, e-cigs can be as much as 75% less expensive. More great news is that since Nicocigs contain no tobacco and are never lit, they’re not subject to the smoking ban. Finally, Nicocig comes in a range of nicotine strengths from high (16mg) to low (11mg), as well as zero. Regular tobacco and menthol flavours are available.

Nicocig is a unique and safe alternative to smoking tobacco, Switching to Nicocig may save you as much as 75% over the cost of tobacco cigarettes. Each individual replaceable cartomiser is roughly equivalent to a packet of 20 traditional cigarettes. Nicocig cartomisers come in a range of nicotine strengths that range from high (16mg) to even a zero (0mg) option, so you can match your nicotine intake to what you’re getting from cigarettes. Nicocig cartomisers come in both regular tobacco and menthol flavours. How to you know which nicotine strength to choose? Heavier smokers often start on the high nicotine (16mg) cartomisers, where as a smoker that already smokes a low nicotine cigarettes may opt for the medium (11mg) or even the low (6mg) options. The Starter Kit contains one of each of the four strength cartomisers so you can quickly identify which strength is right for you.

With so many positive features to recommend it, isn’t it time you switched to Nicocig?

Why Should You Choose Electronic Cigarettes from Nicocig?

If you’re thinking about switching to electronic cigarettes, also called e-cigs, then you’re likely to have encountered plenty on information about them. It’s equally as likely that you’ve met with more than a few claims made by the companies that manufacture and sell them. Many of these claims are outright wrong, and many others contain erroneous, misleading information. Here’s some information about the sorts of claims you’re likely to meet with, and why Nicocig electronic cigarettes are most definitely the superior products.

 Nicocig, consistently beats the competition in all important categories. Many e-cigs on the market today have significant flaws that adversely affect the user’s vaping experience. Three-piece systems are prone to leakage when the user inhales, creating an unpleasant taste and sensation. Nicocigs are designed so that they never will leak, which means a better vaping experience. Older e-cig technology depends on oversized atomisers and excessive space inside the cartridge. The new and redesigned Nicocig has been redesigned to eliminate any wasted space. The atomiser is smaller, so the cartridge is more compact. The result? Room for a larger battery, which means the e-cig lasts longer before needing to be recharged.

About E-Cig Taste

If you’ve been using electronic cigarettes for some time, then you’re likely to have had varying success with their taste. The old three-piece systems are designed to deliver nicotine, not taste. Today’s vapers do want more. Discriminating users expect superior taste from e-cigs as well. At Nicocig, we’ve always been committed to delivering good taste along with nicotine the nicotine users crave. We’ve experimented over the years with a variety of tobacco tastes to ensure our e-cigs have a superior taste.

About E-Cig Mouthfeel

Since we’re in touch with our customers at a deeper level than our competitors, we’re better able to design products that meet their exacting needs. Our customers have told us that they found the feel of the plastic cartridge on their lips unpleasant and inauthentic. To correct this, we’ve reworked the outside of the Nicocig to have an exterior texture that closely resembles a real cigarette.

About Recharging Your E-Cig

When you’re considering electronic cigarette brands, to be sure to find out what sort of charging and recharging systems they have. Some models require a mains connection to recharge, and others utilise a more convenient USB charger. Why settle for just one recharging modality? Your Nicocig will come with both a USB and a three-pin mains charger for maximum versatility and usefulness. This means it’s quite easy to recharge the Nicocig wherever you are. The USB charger allows you to charge your e-cig through your personal computer or your automobile.

Final Thoughts on Why to Choose Nicocig

When considering an e-cig brand, do enquire about the manufacturer’s credentials. You’re certain to discover that many have none. Nicocig, on the other hand, has conducted all required tests and is fully CHIP compliant with all relevant trading standards regulations. Nicocig electronic cigarettes are widely available from specialist pharmaceutical wholesalers that already have relationships and contacts with nearly every pharmacy in the UK.

For the ultimate in an affordable, reliable and satisfying electronic cigarette, Nicocig is the preferred choice.

How Does the Nicocig Electronic Cigarette Work?

A Nicocig device consists of four basic parts: a rechargeable lithium battery, a microprocessor “smart chip,” an operating indicator and a replaceable nicotine cartomiser. The cartomiser contains liquid nicotine and an atomisation chamber. When the user inhales, liquid nicotine passes into the atomisation chamber where it’s transformed into a fine vapour that’s drawn into the lungs. The process is nearly identical to what occurs when one smokes a tobacco cigarette, without, of course all the toxins, harmful chemicals and cancer-causing substances. Because the act of using Nicocig so closely resembles smoking tobacco, users report that they get an authentic and satisfying smoking experience.

More about Nicocig

The device comes with two rechargeable batteries that take about three hours to charge fully. A battery will last about one day of use for a person with a normal smoking habit. The second battery ensures that users always will be able to use their Nicocig. There’s no risk of taking in too much nicotine vapour, because the smart chip enforces an inbuilt safety limit. When the battery needs charging, the operating indicator at the tip will begin to flash. If you’re considering switching to an electronic device like Nicocig, you should know that it’s been carefully developed to taste like a real cigarette, providing users with the same sort of satisfaction. The cartomiser is equal to about twenty tobacco cigarettes, and comes in a variety of strengths. The Nicocig starter kit contains cartomisers of each strength, so it’s quite easy to determine which is best for you. The strengths are high (16mg), medium (11mg), low (6mg) and none (0mg). The 0mg strength is great if you’re trying to cut your nicotine consumption.

Cartomiser Categories

Cartomisers are divided into four basic categories, according to the strength and amount of nicotine they deliver to the user. When you buy your e-cig starter kit, all types will be included. This makes it quite easy to settle on the one that most closely matches your nicotine intake from tobacco cigarettes. It’s best to start with the medium strength cartomiser and then choose a lower or higher strength, according to your experience of how well it satisfies your nicotine craving.

Cartomiser Strength

For new users, when selecting an e-cig cartomiser, first find the nicotine content that’s printed on your pack of tobacco cigarettes. For example, if the tobacco cigarette packet reads 0.8mg of nicotine, then we recommend you select the high-strength cartomiser. Remember that each cartomiser is equivalent to about twenty conventional cigarettes that deliver a total nicotine content of 16mg. If you take about 15 inhalations per cigarette, that equals 0.8mg nicotine, which in turn means you should use the high-strength cartridge. For amounts lower than 0.8mg, select a lower strength cartomiser.

Why a Zero Strength Cartomiser?

Your e-cig starter kit also may contain a zero strength nicotine cartridge. This is included because some users’ nicotine habit also includes a physical dimension, i.e., the hand-to-mouth action, that needs to be satisfied as well. The zero strength cartridge is specifically designed to satisfy that need, without needing to intake nicotine. It’s a great option for new users, or for those who are gradually transitioning to e-cigs. Many people find that this physical movement often is enough to satisfy their nicotine craving. In addition, a zero strength cartomiser allows users to try to test the e-cig product for themselves without having to intake nicotine.

For the best result when transitioning to e-cigs, matching the cartomiser to your current nicotine intake is the ideal strategy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I use my Nicocig?

Since electronic cigarettes contain no tobacco and require no fire or flame, they are not subject to the smoking ban. This means that they can be used in most public places where tobacco use is ordinarily prohibited. What’s exhaled from an e-cig is simply harmless and odourless water vapour that poses no danger whatsoever to people who may be near the person using the device, i.e., there’s no risk of passive smoking.

What does a Nicocig taste like?

Nicocig has been developed to simulate exactly the taste of a conventional tobacco cigarette. This means users get a true smoking satisfaction that effective satisfies cravings. In addition, a menthol flavoured cartridge is available.

Is Nicocig safer to use than tobacco?

Most certainly it is. Tobacco smoke is known to contain thousands of toxins and chemicals, many of which are carcinogenic (cancer causing). Nicocig contains none of these substances. All that’s inhaled by the user is a purified nicotine vapour. Also, Nicocig doesn’t contain a substance called “tar,” which is perhaps the most harmful component of tobacco smoke.

What is released when the user exhales?

Although it looks like smoke, the mist that’s released upon exhalation is simply an odourless condensation consisting of water vapour. In addition, the vapour dissipates instantly and doesn’t linger the way tobacco smoke does. This means there’s absolutely no risk of passive smoking when using the Nicocig, so it’s safe to use just about anywhere.

How does the battery in a Nicocig last?

Once the battery is fully charged, it will last for about eight to ten hours. Do be aware that battery life does depend on how frequently you use the e-cig. The started kit comes with two batteries, so you can have one charging whilst using the other. So, you’ll never be without a fully charged battery for your Nicocig.

What is a cartomiser?

The cartomiser is the heart of an e-cig. It’s a miniature micro-electric device that vaporises the liquid nicotine it contains. Cartomisers come in varying strengths, such as high, medium, low and zero. Two flavours are available: tobacco and menthol. For a realistic smoking experience, the tip of the e-cig glows red when the user inhales.

How long does the Nicocig cartomiser last?

The cartomiser is equivalent to about 20 tobacco cigarettes. Cartomisers come in packs of three. When you no longer are able to exhale vapour, then it’s time to replace the cartomiser.

What’s in the Nicocig starter kit?

In the starter kit, you’ll receive the electronic cigarette, a spare battery, a charger, a box of cartridges and a carry case. The box contains four cartomisers, each of which is equal to about 20 tobacco cigarettes. You’ll get a variety of strengths: high, medium, low and zero. This is a one-time purchase. Subsequently, you’ll only need to buy replacement cartridges.



How Does Nicocig Work?

Nicocig delivers a realistic smoke-like nicotine vapour to the user upon inhalation. It works just like a traditional cigarette where the user must inhale on the tip of the Electronic Cigarette. This action triggers the device to activate and instantly begins to turn a nicotine containing solution into vapour. The vapour travels into the lungs delivering a safe, clean hit of nicotine.

When the user exhales, it’s simply a harmless, odourless water vapour that poses absolutely no danger of second-hand smoke to those nearby. More good news is that this vapour has none of the estimated four thousand harmful toxins, chemicals and carcinogens (cancer-causing agents) contained in tobacco smoke. Perhaps one the most detrimental substances contained in tobacco smoke is “tar,” a sticky, brownish-yellow film that accumulates in the lungs. Tar paralyses the cilia in the lungs and contributes to such lethal diseases as lung cancer and emphysema.

The Basics of Nicocig’s Operation

Part of the Nicocig is known as the “cartomiser.” This contains a liquid solution that contains purified nicotine, along with an atomisation chamber also known as a heating element. When the user inhales, the liquid passes into the chamber where it’s heated and transformed into a fine mist that’s taken into the lungs. From the lungs, the nicotine is transported throughout the body, providing that “hit” that cigarette smokers crave. Once the nicotine vapour has passed into the lungs, the user exhales in exactly the same manner as they would when smoking regular tobacco cigarettes. The difference is that only an odourless, harmless vapour is expelled, not noxious smoke.

About Nicocig’s Battery

Nicocig features a rechargeable lithium battery, and the starter kit comes with two, so you’ll never be without one. When it’s time to recharge the battery, the operating indicator at the end of the Nicocig will begin to flash. A fully charged battery will last between eight to twelve hours, this will ultimately depend on how frequently you use the Nicocig. It takes about an hour to charge a battery fully, and of course a charger comes as part of the starter kit. Nicocig is designed to prevent users taking in too much nicotine vapour because the device contains a “smart chip” that enforces a safe limit. When you no longer are able to exhale vapour, then it’s time to replace the refill cartomiser. Cartomisers come in packs of three.