Nivea Lipcare Soothe & Protect 4.8g

Nivea Lipcare Soothe & Protect 4.8g

£2.25 Save: £0.05 RRP: £2.30

Brand: Nivea
Code: 2541134
Weight: 5g (includes packaging)


Nivea Lipcare Repair:


Soothing and protecting formula with skin conditioning panthenol, calming bisabolol, protective vitamin E and UV filters.

-    Regenerates lips quickly and effectively

-    Helps prevent dryness and chapped lip

-    Provides rich care and protection in extreme weather conditions

The result is repaired, well protected and soft lips. Nivea Lip Care Repair and Protection is skin compatibility dermatologically approved and preservative free.


How to Use:


Apply Nivea Lip Care Repair to lips as needed.

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