Pasante Female Condoms Pack of 3

Pasante Female Condoms Pack of 3

Pasante Female Condoms Pack of 3

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Brand: Pasante
Code: 3457348
Weight: 46g (includes packaging)


The Pasante Female condom (sometimes know as Femidoms) is a non-latex, non-spermicidal lubricated sheath worn by women as a contraceptive. It can be inserted into the vagina up to 8 hours prior to intercourse.

Advantages of the Female Condom include:

  • Prevents the spread of sexually transmitted infections, including HIV and AIDS.
  • Does not reduce a male partner's stimulation.
  • Protects the vagina and vulva.
  • Can be used by people with latex sensitivities.
  • Erection not necessary to keep condom in place.
  • Can be inserted before sex play begins.

Female Condom - this simple and easy to use femidom provides a sensual lining to your vagina without restricting the penis giving your ultimate levels of sensation and pleasure and an all natural sexual feeling. The female condom is super soft and ensures maximum comfort for both partners.

Made of super thin, high tech Nitrile polymer, this condom is non allergic and seamless. Unlike the male condom, with the female condom you can see many forms of sexual lubricants, including those that are oil based, to enhance your sexual pleasure.

This non latex condom gives women the flexibility to manage their own barrier contraception. FC2 has high acceptability among both men and women in many countries. FC2 has the same design and instructions for use as the original FC female condom. The material has been changed to improve affordability, while maintaining the high quality, reliability and features of FC1. FC2’s sheath, with its outer ring, is made from a synthetic nitrile. The inner ring aids insertion and helps to secure the device in place during intercourse while the softer outer ring remains outside the vagina. Insert FC2 prior to sexual intercourse to provide protection against HIV/AIDS, other STIs and unintended pregnancies.

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