PHA Tick Tweezers

PHA Tick Tweezers

PHA Tick Tweezers

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Ticks are spider-like insects that attach themselves with their mouth parts to the skin of your pet and then feed themselves with its blood. Not very pleasant, and finding them firmly attached to your pet can be quite upsetting, particularly if you're not quite sure how to deal with them! They have become increasingly common in Northern Europe, and to make matters even worse a tick bite could lead to infection with Lyme's disease if the tick isn't carefully removed within 24 hours.

Ticks live in the herbage of meadows, in the undergrowth and at the edges of forests. They crawl up grasses or bushes up to 1 metre from where they let themselves fall down onto passing animals (or humans). Ticks can transfer dangerous pathogens but there are good chances to protect pets and humans against an infection if ticks are removed within a few hours after they bite.


Ideally, wear rubber/plastic gloves or, in the absence of gloves, shield fingers with tissue or paper.

  • Press the plunger on top of the tweezers to open the arms.
  • Carefully grab the tick between te head and body.
  • Remove the tick slowly and steadily.


Disinfect the bite site and wash hands with soap and water.


Do not squeeze or crush the body of the tick, because its fluids (saliva and gut contents) may contain infective organisms.

Do not handle the tick with bare hands, because infective agents may enter through breaks in the skin, or through mucous membranes (if you touch eyes, nostrils or mouth).

DO NOT use petroleum jelly, any liquid solutions, or freeze/burn the tick, as this will stimulate it to regurgitate its stomach contents, increasing the chance of infection.

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