Poligrip Flavour Free Denture Fixative Cream 40g

Poligrip Flavour Free Denture Fixative Cream 40g

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Poli-Grip Denture Fixative Cream - 40g

  • Holds dentures tight
  • Improves fit & tight
  • Suitable for use on all plastic and metal plates.
  • All day hold
  • Neutral taste
  • With doze control tip

Additional Information:-

Poligrip Flavour Free is a denture fixative cream with neutral taste which has been specially formulated for denture wearers looking for all day hold and improved fit and comfort. Used daily, Poligrip Flavour Free can provide you with comfort and confidence by sealing out food particles and give you the freedom to eat a variety of foods.


Use a small amount of cream applied in dashes or strips in several places on your dentures.


Please don’t use too much or apply too close to the edge of the dentures as it can ooze over the sides.


Poly (Methylvinylether/Maleic Acid) Sodium-Calcium Mixed Partial Salt , Petrolatum, Cellulose Gum, Paraffinum Liquidum.

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