Refresh Ophthalmic Solution 0.4ml Pack of 30

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Brand: Refresh
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Refresh Ophthalmic Solution 0.4ml Pack of 30


Refresh Ophthalmic treats symptoms associated with dry eyes, typically tired eyes, soreness, burning or itching.


What is dry eye?


Normally your eyes are kept moist by the tears that bathe the surface. The action of blinking spreads the tears across the surface of your eyes. Tears contain important substances that lubricate the eyes, prevent infection and slow down evaporation of the tears.


Dry eye can occur for several reasons - either because you do not make enough tears or because your tears evaporate too quickly. Symptoms can include irritation, gritty burning, inflamed eyes, resulting in ocular surface damage. Dry eye is one of the most common of all eye conditions. Although it particularly affects older people, it can occur at any age. It is also more common in women


How can my eyes be treated?


The standard treatment for dry eye is the regular use of artificial tear drops. These drops can be used as often as needed to keep your eyes comfortable. This may vary from a few times a day to every hour. If you need to use drops very frequently, then try to avoid those containing preservatives, which can irritate your eyes.



To avoid contamination during use, do not touch the tube tip to any surface.

If irritation, pain, redness and changes in vision occur or worsen, treatment discontinuation should be considered and a re-evaluation of the patient's condition should be made.

Contact lenses should not be worn during instillation of the drug. After instillation there should be an interval of at least 30 minutes before reinsertion.

In circumstances where concomitant topical ocular medication is necessary, there should be an interval of at least 5 minutes between the two medications.

You should carefully read all product packaging and labels prior to use


Ophthalmic solution containing Liquifilm 1.4%.

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