Safe & Sound Styptic Pencil

Safe & Sound Styptic Pencil

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Brand: Safe & Sound
Code: 2068260
Weight: 20g (includes packaging)


This Safe & Sound Styptic Pencil is a very useful method to stop small cuts or nicks caused by shaving from bleeding. There's nothing worse than having a shave in a rush and cutting yourself in the process.

The Styptic Pencil can eliminate having tissue stuck to your face whilst rushing out of the door and instead quickly sort the problem with maximum results. It is the must have essential that will be extra useful when your body or face requires a quick fix from oozing blood.


The styptic pencil is used by applying it to a cut or nick which helps stops the bleeding by causing blood vessels to contract at the site of the wound.

When applied to a cut it does burn slightly, but most cuts stop bleeding in minutes and heal by the end of the day.


Do not use after expiry date shown. Keep out of reach of children. For one person use only.


There are no ingredients listed for this product.

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