Sterimar Kids Nasal Spray 50ml

Sterimar Kids Nasal Spray 50ml

Sterimar Kids Nasal Spray 50ml

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Brand: Sterimar
Code: 3858156
Weight: 100g (includes packaging)


Stérimar Kids Congestion Relief is a 100% natural, purified sea water based nasal spray specifically formulated to help provide relief from congestion and runny noses in children.

The gentle yet effective hypertonic spray washes away excess mucus but also helps to rebalance nasal functions ensuring the nose is in top working condition to help prevent the onset of colds and further infection.

Rich in sea minerals and copper salts, Stérimar Kids has a slightly higher salt concentration than cells in the human body. This creates a natural osmotic effect that gently draws and drains excess, germ filled fluid from the cells in the nasal lining to gently relieve congestion and allow your child to breathe naturally.

Stérimar Kids has a specifically designed nozzle that disperses the solution in very fine droplets for increased efficacy. It is easy to use and can be used from any angle.

Stérimar Kids is 100% natural with no preservatives and steroids. It is extremely gentle and can be used in children from 3 months.


Use 2 to 6 times a day or more if required in each nostril.

  • Prime the spray by briefly depressing the nozzle.
  • Lay the baby down on its side or sit up with baby's head tilted to one side.
  • Gently insert the nozzle into one nostril.
  • Press the nozzle briefly - let any excess solution run out before wiping the nose.
  • Repeat in other nostril.
  • To avoid mucus going into the back of the throat, avoid tilting the head backwards.
  • Clean the nozzle after application with warm soapy water, rinse and dry.


Stérimar is drug-free and doesn’t contain preservatives so there is no known risk of interaction with any other medication. However, in all cases it is best to check with your doctor.

Stérimar Isotonic and Stérimar Baby are purified sea water solutions with the same concentration of salts as the cells in the human body. As such, irritation is highly unlikely. Stérimar Hypertonic has a higher salt content than Stérimar Isotonic but the solution is still less salty than sea water. A sensation of dryness may occur and should disappear within a few days.


Sea Water 75ml (from the French Coast of Brittany), Copper Salt, Manganese Salt and Purified water qsp 100ml.

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