TENA Men Active Fit Pants Plus Large/XL Pack of 8

TENA Men Active Fit Pants Plus Large/XL Pack of 8

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Keep your active lifestyle even with heavy urine leaks with TENA Men Active Fit incontinence pants. TENA Men Active Fit Pants Plus in navy blue feel like regular underwear, with a masculine cut, elastic waistband, and a breathable cotton-like feel. Stay confident and in control - these incontinence pants for men have a discreet, secure fit. The Secure Absorption Zone effectively locks in leaks and you’re assured Triple Protection from leaks, odour and moisture. So whether you need to be at your best at work, in the gym, or out and about, you can keep control with TENA Men.

  • Triple Protection
  • Secure absorption zone
  • Blue colour

Size Guide

  • Small/Medium fits hip sizes 75-105cm
  • Large/Extra Large fits hip sizes 95-130cm

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