The Eye Doctor Reusable Antibacterial Instant Heat Mask

The Eye Doctor Reusable Antibacterial Instant Heat Mask

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Brand: The Body Doctor
Code: 4051298
Weight: 100g (includes packaging)


The Eye Doctor Click and GO® Instant Heat Mask is a REUSABLE instant hot eye compress that does not require an oven or microwave to heat up. Designed to be used anywhere, instantly. The Eye Doctor Click & GO® is activated by simply clicking the disk inside the compress to generate the heat required for an effective treatment staying warm for over 20 minutes. Following activation and treatment the mask will be required to be reset to its previous state by placing in boiling water.

The Eye Doctor Click and GO® can also be used cold, use directly from the fridge.


Use hot:

Locate the 'Activation Dome' inside the mask.

Using both thumbs firmly push in the opposite direction to the curve as though trying to flatten the Dome and click back and forth. Alternatively, place mask on a hard surface and push down on the top side of the Dome using the flat end of a pen or pencil.

Once your mask is activated you will see the gel begin to change colour.

Once the activated gel (white colour) has covered the whole mask, manipulate it to spread the heat evenly.

Insert the gel mask into the outer cover.

Always check the temperature before putting it on your eyes by placing the heated mask to the inside of your wrist. If you feel it is too hot, wait 1 to 2 minutes to cool. once again, apply to the inside of your wrist to check the temperature before applying to closed eyes.

Apply mask to closed eyes for 7 to 10 minutes.

Remove mask and massage the eye lids. please refer to the included instruction booklet.

Wipe away secretions using a clean tissue or eyelid wipe.

As the mask begins to cool it will become solid and will need to be sterilised and reset before next use.

Use cold:

The Eye Doctor Click & Go® can also be used cold. Do not use the click function if using cold. When the mask is in its original reset state, the gel is smooth and clear, not white and hard, simply leave the mask in the fridge for approximately 1 hour. Insert into the outer cover and use directly from the fridge. The cold treatment can be used for as long and as often as feels comfortable. After application, return the mask to the fridge ready for next use.

If you wish to begin using the mask as a hot treatment, please allow it to return to room temperature before following heating instructions.


Always activate from room temperature. Do not reactivate until the mask has cooled to room temperature and the gel is smooth and clear with no visible white crystals.

Do no use on broken or bleeding skin. Keep out of reach of children. Not suitable for babies or children under 3. The liquid inside the eye mask must not be consumed. Liquid contents can cause skin or eye irritation. If the pack is damaged or leaks please discard. If the liquid inside comes into contact with skin or eyes, rinse immediately with warm water. If the liquid is swallowed, drink water to dilute and consult a doctor.

Do not microwave or boil in a kettle. Do not place on a hot surface. Do not puncture. For external use only.

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