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Monty Marsh on 29/05/2024

Excellent product Excellent help from staff Thank you

Verified purchase 12/04/2024 |

Elizabeth Sinclair on 13/05/2024

Excellent product and service - buy with confidence. Many thanks

Verified purchase 24/08/2023 |

Shirley Wood on 08/05/2024

I have been buying from Weldricks regularly - 24 times on one of the products - over many years and always the service, price and delivery is excellent. Happy to recommend to others.

Verified purchase 17/03/2024 |

Ginette Wright on 03/05/2024

I've been using Weldricks online chemist for a while now. Always excellent service and delivery was quick.

Verified purchase 28/02/2024 |

Barbara Pickering on 17/04/2024 (updated 26/06/2024)

I have been purchasing voltarol max pain relief from weldricks for a year now & have had nothing bad to say they handle the online purchase brilliantly always on time with delivery

Verified purchase 09/06/2024 |

Linda Mansell on 14/04/2024

I have used Weldricks pharmacy a few times and am impressed. Price of goods is competitive and they arrive quickly and well packed.

Verified purchase 30/01/2024 |

TREVOR BELL on 01/04/2024

Excellent service.

Verified purchase 02/02/2024 |

Sue Miles on 13/03/2024

Amazing price and quick delivery. I couldn’t manage my problem without this pain relief

Verified purchase 16/12/2023 |

Bob stocker on 13/02/2024

Excellent service and competitive prices

Verified purchase 18/04/2023 |

michael conroy on 20/09/2023

I purchase Voltarol on behalf of my wife, she will not use anything else, and I use Weldricks because of the service and best price.

Verified purchase 16/08/2023 |

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