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Zipzoc Impregnated Dressing (Stocking)

£4.49 Save: £0.79 RRP: £5.28

Brand: Zipzoc
Code: 2343739
Weight: 175g (includes packaging)

Zipzoc Impregnated Dressing (Stocking)


For the treatment of venous ulcers.

Length: 80cm


For topical administration only. Adults, the elderly, and children: Not applicable: the product is a medicated paste bandage. Frequency of dressing changes is at the discretion of the responsible physician. (Differentiation between patients of differing age groups is less important when considering the dosage regime than the apparent healing rate of the wound/condition.)


Hypersensitivity to an ingredient of the paste, and acute eczematous lesions. Avoid use on grossly macerated skin. One of the functions of occlusive bandages is to increase absorption. Care should be taken, therefore, if it is decided to apply topical steroid preparations under these bandages as their absorption may be significantly increased.

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