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Ibuleve is a range of pain relief products featuring easily absorbed gels, formulated to deliver the proven painkilling and anti-inflammatory power of ibuprofen right to the point of pain. Ibuleve is also available as a spray.

A clinical study explored the effectiveness of the Ibuleve formula in direct comparison with 400mg ibuprofen pills. The results showed Ibuleve can be as fast and effective as pills at fighting pain.

Ibuleve contains ibuprofen, an effective and widely used painkiller. As a NSAID (Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drug), ibuprofen actively treats and reduces the inflammation that leads to joint and muscle pain.

There is more to the effectiveness of ibuprofen gels than the percentage of ibuprofen they contain. In fact, topical pain relief products can be different in their efficacy depending on how well or how poorly they are absorbed through the skin. Ibuleve has been shown to be more easily absorbed than some other creams and gels, meaning that more ibuprofen relief reaches the site of pain.


Ibuleve can be used to help relieve various types of common pain – from (non-serious) arthritic conditions to everyday sprains, strains and back pain. It does this by targeting its painkilling, anti-inflammatory ingredients directly into the affected area.

Ibuleve gel is absorbed directly at the point of pain, delivering relief that is as fast and effective as pills.

You have your own preferences for treating and managing your pain. That's why there's a range of Ibuleve treatments for you to choose from. Choose the one that suits your pain relief needs.