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Jungle Formula

Going on holiday should be relaxing and enjoyable, but sometimes this can be blighted by itchy insect bites. Of course, the risks are much greater in an area with mosquitoes as they can carry malaria.

Protect yourself no matter where you are with Jungle Formula’s range of insect repellent products. The range includes sprays, roll-ons, lotions and mosquito killer plug-ins. The kids’ range helps to protect your little ones and is alcohol-free and non-greasy with a pleasant scent.

It’s easy to get the right protection with Jungle Formula, just look at the label to match the product to your needs – whether you need a formula for sensitive skin, to suit young children or higher protection for destinations with a high risk of disease. 

Easy to use and available in small travel size containers. See our hydrocortisone cream to treat irritating insect bites.