Pet Sponsor 2019: Jai's Story

Pet Sponsor 2019: Jai's Story

Published: 1st February, 2019 in: Charity Work News Pets

This is Jai. After hearing Jai's story we wanted to play our part in helping Jai by sponsoring him for a year in order to pay for much needed medication. Here is his story:


Jai was once a hunting dog who was treated poorly by his owner and kept in very poor conditions. Many believe that dogs work better for hunting when they are hungry, so Jai was underfed and housed in an unliveable space. Thankfully Jai was rescued by the amazing people at Settusfree who devote their time to rescuing and rehoming Setters in dire need, or at risk of being put down. Jai was living in kennels for a while until it was apparent he was suffering with seizures, at this point he was diagnosed with Idiopathic Epilepsy. During one of his seizures the other dogs in the kennel went into pack mode and attacked Jai, leaving him seriously injured - even almost losing his leg! Due to this attack Jai had to live with a vet, who looked after him and helped him to recover, the vet also found the right dosage of Phenobarbital to keep Jai's fits under control.


Jai had been through so much in his life and even when he was rescued the bad news kept coming with the attack and the epilepsy diagnosis, then he was found by Hazel. Hazel and her husband had just rescued a setter called Cid not long before they came across Jai's photo and fell in love. Jai was adopted by Hazel and her husband, when he first arrived Hazel says,'the first few days Jai was here his eyes were dead, no expression, as if he had totally given up on life and didn't care what happened to him anymore. His back legs would collapse on him after every few steps. My daughter and grandchildren wanted to meet Jai, so they came along on the second day. The grandchildren, aged 4 and 6, were very gentle with Jai as I had asked them to be. Gradually Jai gained strength and confidence. He is still untrusting of men, and who can blame him for that, after what he went through. He started to take an interest in life, helped by Cid, and is now a happy dog who trots around with a spring in his step. He has quite a character and can even be a little mischievous now! He loves to cuddle up with Cid in the evenings on their big comfy bed. Cid likes his own space a little more, but Jai gets comfort from Cid's presence.'


Despite the lovely life that Jai is now able to lead, his diagnosis means he is still at risk of serious seizures, and therefore has to be constantly medicated. Since introducing our pet and vet lines to the website we have enjoyed hearing all about your pets and furry friends, and when we heard about Jai's story we just knew we had to help. We have decided to sponsor Jai and pay for a year's worth of the vital medication (phenobarbital) to help keep his seizures under control. We know that with the love and care Jai is getting from Hazel and her husband, as well as the medication, Jai is bound to live the normal happy life that he deserves.