Relieving the symptoms of flu

Relieving the symptoms of flu

Published: 31st October, 2017 in: Cough, Cold and Flu

Your local Weldricks pharmacy team can offer treatment advice and can recommend appropriate flu remedies.

Things you can do yourself to help you feel better are:

  • Keep hydrated, drink plenty of water
  • Keep yourself warm
  • Get plenty of rest and sleep as much as you can
  • If appropriate, take paracetamol or ibuprofen to relieve your aches and pains, and to help lower your temperature. You can get advice about this from your pharmacist

Risks of Flu

For some people, such as the elderly, children or pregnant women, the risk of death or other serious complications from flu, can be significantly increased. This also includes people who have certain medical conditions such as COPD or Asthma. Your pharmacist or GP will be able to tell you if you’re in the ‘at risk’ category.
For this reason, the NHS provide free vaccinations to those in at risk groups. You can go into any participating Weldricks branch and have a free flu jab. Even if you don’t qualify for a free vaccination, Weldricks offer a private flu jab at a low price.