Compeed Cold Sore Patch Pack of 15

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Compeed Cold Sore Patches heal, protect and soothe, making all-too common cold sores disappear quickly and discreetly. 

Cold sores are estimated to affect up to 20% of us.

Compeed Cold Sore Patches work so effectively because of its unique Hydrocolloid particles. They seal the wound, repelling water and potentially infection causing bacteria, and helps ensure the optimum moisture level. They make it easier for nutrients to disseminate, thus promoting the skin’s own healing mechanism and treating the Cold Sore fast.

  • Clinically proven
  • Speeds cold sore healing
  • Reduces tingling, itching, burning, redness and swelling
  • Relieves pain
  • Reduces scabbing or crusting
  • Hides instantly - causing significantly less social embarrassment
  • Protects wound - repelling water, and potentially infectious-causing bacteria
  • Hygienic treatment - unlike other treatments, prevents sufferers touching the sore
  • Reduces risk of contamination from the lesion - both to other people and parts of own body

A patch can stay on for 8 hours.

Do not apply cream before use.

Peel off the blue foil from the mirror side.

Make-up or lipstick can be applied over the patch.

Leave patch on until it detaches itself from the skin.


If you are pregnant or breast feeding, check with your doctor before using Compeed Cold Sore Patches.

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