CPR Guardian 2 Smart Watch

CPR Guardian 2 Smart Watch

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Brand: CPR Guardian
Code: 5550519004
Weight: 150g (includes packaging)


The CPR Guardian 2 SmartWatch enables you to be independent, active, and secure at all times, helping to provide you and your loved ones with freedom and peace of mind. This watch has smart location GPS and LBS, an in-built heart rate monitor, and an emergency call to action button, allowing the wearer to simply press and hold the SOS button to call a pre-set contact and update the wearer's GPS location. This watch also allows for two-way phone calls, and you can set geo-zones, putting a virtual circle around an area (such as home or town) and sending out alerts any time the wearer enters or leaves one of these zones. On top of this, the watch has a super responsive screen, a pedometer, a battery life of up to 48 hours, and is IP54 water resistant, meaning the wearer will need to remove the watch less than ever before. 

The Guardian 2 SmartWatch is designed to keep the wearer safe and give them freedom with less worry and more peace of mind. 


Insert your sim into the back of the CPR Guardian 2, and manage your sim payments HERE.

Download the CPR Guardian App from the App Store or Google Play Store.

Follow the instructions on the informational leaflet in the box with your WATCHU SmartWatch to set up and use your Guardian 2. 

  • GPS and other telephone functions require SIM credit. The GPS will not work when the watch is powered off or the SIM card/GSM network does not have coverage or is out of service.
  • Do not allow children to chew or ingest parts of the watch.
  • Avoid using the watch in excessive temperatures.
  • Opening the watch will make your manufacturer warranty null and void. 

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