Eucerin Dry Skin Intensive Treatment Cream 100ml

Eucerin Dry Skin Intensive Treatment Cream 100ml

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Brand: Eucerin
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Eucerin Intensive Cream contains 10% urea, which is found naturally in the body and helps retain moisture.

In healthy individuals, the presence of urea in the top skin layers helps to keep the skin moisturised by absorbing water from the deeper layers. However, with dryness caused by a skin condition, urea levels in the top skin layers are often greatly reduced. With sebum levels on the surface of the skin also reduced, more moisture evaporates. This leaves the skin dehydrated, flaky, and often cracked and itchy.

Eucerin Intensive Cream works with two actions: the urea and lactate in the cream help the skin trap more moisture and restore hydration levels. Its lipid content also works as an emollient, creating a protective oil layer on the skin surface, which slows the rate of evaporation. These actions help to restore smoothness and suppleness to the skin.

You can use Eucerin Intensive Cream daily to ease redness and itching, and improve skin tension - but only if your skin is intact.

The cream is suitable for use on xeroderma, ichthyosis, atopic eczema, and hyperkeratosis, as well as other skin conditions.


Apply sparingly twice daily to the affected areas of the skin and rub in.

Avoid contact with the eyes and other sensitive areas.

Always read the leaflet.




Eucerin Intensive Cream should not be used on skin that is broken or weeping. Use sparingly on affected areas and take care that no cream gets in the eyes. Flush with clean water, in the event of this happening.

Check the ingredients in this product carefully before using it. Avoid use if you have a known hypersensitivity to any ingredient and, should you experience an unexpected reaction, stop using it and see a doctor or pharmacist.

This cream is for external use only. If you are breastfeeding, do not apply the cream to the breasts before feeding, as it might be ingested by the infant.

Children aged three or older can use the cream under strict supervision, but consult a doctor before using on children under this age. Keep all such creams out of children’s reach.

You should avoid applying this cream within 30 minutes of other medicated creams, ointments, and lotions.

Possible side effects include burning, itching, or redness of the skin at the site of application are possible side effects of using Eucerin Intensive Cream. No interactions with other medicinal products have been identified.


Urea 10%, benzyl alcohol, light liquid paraffin, sodium lactate solution, magnesium stearate, microcrystalline wax, triglycerol diisostearate, isopropyl, palmitate, wool alcohols, magnesium sulphate and purified water.



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