Keratex Hoof Gel 1 Litre

Keratex Hoof Gel 1 Litre

Keratex Hoof Gel 1 Litre


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Brand: Keratex
Code: 9995444854
Weight: 1000g


Keratex Hoof Gel is a highly waterproof but breathable application for hooves that soften, crumble and break up in wet weather or humid conditions. It can be applied all over the hoof capsule including frogs, soles and heels. to strengthen hooves and prevent water damage from occurring.


After exercise apply liberally to equine legs from the knee to the top of the hoof. This will help the muscles and tendons cool down faster and allow the horse to feel more comfortable.


For use on equine hooves and legs only.

Keep lid tightly closed after use. Wash hands after use. Do not ingest, and avoid contact with eyes, in case of eye contact, wash with plenty of water and seek medical advice.

Not to be used on animals intended for human consumption. Keep away from horse’s eyes, nose and mouth.

Keep away from children.


Aqua, Hydrous sodium lithium magnesium silicate CAS No. 53820-86-8, Ethanol CAS No. 64-17-5.

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