Kotex Maxi Towels Super Pack of 16

Kotex Maxi Towels Super Pack of 16


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When all you want is softness, reassurance & peace of mind, try this pad.

  • It's longer, thicker & has a cotton-feel cover to provide maximum protection & comfort
  • The new Maxi pad is an all round talent. Thanks to the new cushion embossing it is incredibly soft & absorbent at the same time
  • Experience the new generation of softness. Softness & protection with no compromises!
  • The extra cushioning and soft quilted cover makes the product ideal for overnight or post natal use 

Longer, thicker and has a cotton-feel cover to provide maximum protection and comfort

Our maxi pads and pantiliners are made mostly of wood cellulose fibers -- the same raw materials paper is made from. The outer cover and the moisture-proof shields are made with a moisture-proof plastic such as polypropylene or polyethylene, to help minimize leakage.


Please see the packaging for easy to follow instructions.


Please use according to the instructions on the pack.


There are no ingredients listed for this product.

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