Lifesystems Expedition 50+ Insect Repellent Spray 50ml

Lifesystems Expedition 50+ Insect Repellent Spray 50ml

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When travelling abroad, mosquitoes can be a huge problem. Not only are they annoying, they also transmit disease. Malaria is the most common disease that they transmit, and is responsible for the deaths of 1 in 17 people currently alive. Also yellow fever, dengue fever and several forms of encephalitis can be transmitted to whomever the mosquito bites.

Expedition 50+ contains a dual action formula which combines natural pyrethroids with DEET to provide a high level of protection against biting insects in all environments. The natural pyrethroids act as a bite inhibitor, discouraging actual biting. Each application of Expedition 50+ will last for up to 10 hours. Re-application may be required in areas with high temperature and humidity.

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When applying directly onto skin, use sufficient quantities to cover exposed areas. Rub in well.
To put repellent on face and neck, dispense a small amount on to your palm and rub on.
Avoid contact with sunburnt or damaged skin. Keep the repellent away from eyes and mouth.
There is no need to apply the repellent frequently. However, you will need to use repellent more often in areas of high humidity or when you perspire a great deal. You should reapply repellent after swimming or showering.


Do not apply to eyes or mouth. Do not spray directly on face. If repellent gets in your eyes, flush with plenty of water.

Keep out of reach of children.

Products containing DEET can cause damage to clothes and so direct contact should be avoided.


50% Diethyl-M-Toluamide, Alcohol, Natural Oils, Parfum.

For more information on DEET in this product, please see:

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