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Arabella on 03/05/2024

Lovely shampoo which leaves hair soft and in good condition. Not harsh like other shampoos, doesn't appear stripping. I'd definitely buy again and I'm pleased it comes in a large volume. Rated 'Excellent' 86/100 on Yuka app for health.

Verified purchase 22/04/2024 |

April on 24/03/2024

I have suffered with eczema at the nape of my neck for 2 -3 and honestly tried alsorts of shampoo/ conditioner cream from the doctors Then tried this and the conditioner Wow what a difference feels a bit strange when your hair is wet but leaves your hair soft and shiny And best of all no sore and itchy neck and ears give it a go

Verified purchase 11/01/2024 |

MARIA THOMASSON on 31/10/2023

I have seborrheic dermatitis and most shampoos annoy me from the get go or after a while. This shampoo is amazing, it'd creamy and beautiful and doesn't leave my scalp dry or itchy or the skin around my ears irritated. I have been using this for years and always return to Weldricks to stock up as they have the best prices around!

Verified purchase 25/10/2023 |

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