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Murine Professional Advanced Dry Eye Relief 10ml

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Murine Professional Advanced Dry Eye Relief Preservative-free eye drops, lubricating ophthalmic solution with sodium hyaluronate. For the immediate, long lasting relief and protection of dry, irritated, itchy or strained eyes.

Advanced system for preservative-free drops - Murine's patented filtration system ensures every drop is sterile for up to 90 days from opening without the need for added preservatives.

Advanced formulation - Clinically proven Murine is formulated with the most advanced active ingredient for dry eyes. It is perfectly balanced to work with your tears for optimal comfort and relief plus protection from further dryness and irritation.

Advanced treatment - For dry eyes caused by, for example, computer and mobile use, overwork, age, hormonal changes, medicines, contact lenses, laser eye surgery and environmental conditions such as wind, dust, pollution, heating or air conditioning.


Tilt head back and gently squeeze one or two drops into each eye.

Can be used as often as needed because this formulation is free of preservatives and phosphates. 

For Use in eyes only.


Suitable for all types of contacts. 

Discard 90 days after first opening.

Store the bottle at a temperature below 30C. 


Protective Lubricant (0.15% Sodium Hyaluronate), Hypotonic Balancing Salts (Sodium Chloride), pH Buffer (Boric Acid and Borax), and Purified Water.

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