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Safe & Sound Nosebleed Stoppers Pack of 2

Safe & Sound Nosebleed Stoppers Pack of 2


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Brand: Safe & Sound
Code: 5551020010
Weight: 20g (includes packaging)


Safe and Sound Health’s Nosebleed Stoppers are the perfect tool to stop and help clot a nosebleed. The nosebleed stoppers are designed to plug the nose and stop nosebleeds fast. When inserted into the nose they effectively absorb the blood and expand into a soft, comfortable PVA sponge.

Safe & Sound nosebleed stoppers are made from highly absorbent material that quickly stops the bleed. The non-adhesive material of the nosebleed stoppers will not stick to the nasal wall or leave any lint behind in the nostril, making it easy and pain-free to remove once the bleeding has stopped. The perfect solution for anyone prone to a nosebleed or those playing contact sports.

  • Plugs the nose and stops nosebleeds
  • Made from a soft and comfortable material
  • Easy and pain-free removal
  • Highly absorbent and helps the bleed clot
  • Perfect for anyone prone to nosebleeds

Remove Nosebleed Stopper from wrapper and insert into nostril carefully.

When the Nosebleed Stopper comes into contact with blood it will absorb the blood and expand into a soft sponge.

Once the nose has stopped bleeding remove the Nosebleed Stopper carefully and discard.


Not recommended for children under 5.

Do not use if the wrapper is torn or damaged.

Do not re-use this product, it is designed for single-use only.

Do not insert completely into nasal passage. Ensure some of the Nosebleed Stopper remains outside of the nostril for easy removal.

If bleeding persists, seek medical advice.

Do not remove the Nosebleed Stopper until bleeding has stopped.

The Nosebleed Stopper can be kept in the nasal passage for a maximum of 48 hours.

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