Safe & Sound Tooth Filling Temporary

Safe & Sound Tooth Filling Temporary

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Safe and Sound Health’s Temporary Tooth Filling Kit helps to relieve pain and discomfort caused after losing a filling, crown, cap or inlay. The temporary dental filling can be used to replace a lost filling or crown and relieve any pain until you have the opportunity to visit your dentist.

The temporary tooth filling kit is easy to mould and push into the part of your tooth that needs filling. The temporary dental filling helps to fill the space and preventing pain and discomfort until your dental appointment. Seek dental advice as soon as possible after application.

  • Used to temporarily replace a lost filling or crown 
  • Helps to offer short-term relief from dental pain
  • Each pack provides up to 10 temporary fillings
  • Quick and easy to use

Place a small amount of tooth filling into cavity and gently bite into place, or use enclosed spatula to pack material into cavity.

Do not over fill cavity as any high points, protruding into the biting area, may cause temporary filling to crumble. The correct amount will allow jaws to close normally.

Avoid biting, chewing or over salivation for 15 minutes.

Always seek qualified dental advice as soon as possible and do not use for very large or very painful fillings.

Do not put unused material back into container.

In low temperatures material may harden in container and become difficult to remove from the tube, soften by warming container in hand before use.

Replace cap securely after use.


Tooth filling is not an adhesive and will not bond to the surface of the tooth. The cavity must have sufficient undercut for the material to "key" into position and to hold in place once hardened.

Avoid over-filling the cavity with tooth filling material as this may cause a high point. This high point may result in undue pressure on the material during chewing or eating, causing it to crumble.

To allow material to harden correctly, gently close jaws in a comfortable position for around 15 minutes and avoid over salivation and touching the material with the tongue.

Temporary tooth filling material is not intended to last more than 28 days in the mouth.

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