Urgotul Duo Dressing 10cm x 12cm

Urgotul Duo Dressing 10cm x 12cm


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Urgotul Duo Border is a contact layer with TLC Technology (polyester mesh impregnated with hydrocolloid and petroleum jelly particles) combined with a light absorbent pad and an adhesive border.

Contact layer with TLC = Effective healing

  • Pain-free dressing changes
  • Well-tolerated
  • Moist wound-healing
  • Increased stimulation of fibroblast proliferation by 45%

Light absorbent pad = Protection

  • Absorbs low levels of exudate
  • Prevents maceration
  • Maintains the integrity of peri-wound skin

Adhesive Border = Convenience

  • Easy application
  • Comfortable to wear

For Use On

  • Non to low exuding wounds (dermabrasions, traumatic wounds, surgical wounds, skin tears…)
  • Can be used in difficult to dress areas.

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