Videne Antiseptic Solution 500ml

Videne Antiseptic Solution 500ml


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Videne Antiseptic Solution is used as an antiseptic for skin that is infected or that is likely to become infected. Povidone iodine works by slowly releasing iodine which kills or prevents the growth of bacteria, fungi and viruses.

In general this drug is used to prevent or treat infection in wounds including ulcers, burns, cuts, minor surgical procedures and other minor injuries.

Benefits of being on this drug can include prevention and treatment of skin infection.

Listed below are the typical uses of povidone iodine.

Prevention of infections in wounds including ulcers, burns and cuts 

Treatment of infection in minor wounds 

First aid for minor cuts, grazes, burns, abrasions and blisters 

Antiseptic cleanser for surgeons and theatre staff before surgery 

Cleaning of a patient's skin before surgery


10% w/w Cutaneous Solution (Iodinated Povidone) Alkyl Phenol Ether Sulphate (Ammonium Salt), Glycerol, Citric Acid, Anhydrous Disodium Hydrogen Phosphate, Purified Water BP.     

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