Safe Space

About this service

Safe Spaces scheme aims to increase the support available to victims of domestic abuse across the UK by providing dedicated space for people to seek help.

The idea is to provide a quiet, confidential space where people can access information on support for domestic abuse.

Whether you’re looking to phone a helpline, contact a support service, or talk to a friend or family member.

Our consultation rooms are available if you need them. 


What is a safe space?
Weldricks pharmacies are proud to partner the Safe Space initiative in collaboration with the UK says no more campaign run by Hestia.
Through the covid-19 lockdown restrictions there has been a dramatic rise in domestic violence across the UK with victims being forced into isolation with their abusers.
By supporting the Safe Spaces initiative all Weldricks pharmacies are a safe space for victims of domestic violence. Anyone needing help, support or a safe haven away from their abusers can visit a Weldricks pharmacy where they will be given the safe space to contact local organisations for support.
Anyone needing a Safe space can approach any colleague in branch and ‘Ask for ANI’. The colleague will immediately know what this means and will guide you into the Safe Space.
Who can access this service?
This service is open to anyone who is in need of support following domestic abuse. This could be any form of abuse from physical abuse, emotional abuse, mental abuse.
How will I know where the safe space is?
All Weldricks pharmacy consultation rooms are identified as the designated safe space for people to use.
Can I just walk into a consultation room?
When needing to access the service, you can approach any pharmacy colleague and ‘ask for ANI’. All our colleagues have been trained to know what this means. They will acknowledge you and say they will take you to ANI. They will then lead you to the consultation room.
What information can they give me?
The branch team will have information on local support groups that can help you to escape your situation. They will also give you access to a telephone for you to make contact with these support groups while you are in the safe space.
Will they inform the police?
The service is confidential, however if you are in immediate danger the colleague will contact 999 for police support. They will always tell you if they are going to do this.
What if my abuser comes looking for me?
As the service is confidential the branch colleagues will not disclose your whereabouts to anyone.

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