Earache (Otitis media) Treatment and Advice Service

About this service

Earache is a common condition with many causes. 

Our expert pharmacy teams will assess and can supply treatments for earache in children 1 to 17 years old.

Earache symptoms include

  • Pain in the ear
  • Hearing loss
  • A high temperature
  • In younger children 
    • holding ear
    • tugging ear
    • rubbing ear

Our trained pharmacist may perform an examination with an otoscope (a device to look into the ear) and check for any other signs that the pain might not be caused by an infection.

They will also check for any other conditions or symptoms that may need them to refer you to another NHS service for further checks.

This is a free NHS service if you are exempt from prescription charges.

Our pharmacy team will also give you other advice and suggest other treatments for the relief of symptoms.

This is a drop-in service but you may want to check with the pharmacy before heading to your local branch.

Our teams on hand to supply treatments for ear ache in children 1 to 17 Effective treatment options for Ear pain, earache and infected ears in Doncaster, Rotherham, Sheffield, Scunthorpe, South Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire with Pharmacy First.


What is earache?
Earache is pain in the ear, this can be pain in the inner ear, the ear canal, or the outer ear. Some earache is mild and manageable whereas some earache can be painful and unbearable. The pain can often be sharp, dull, throbbing, or constant.
If your child is experiencing any sort of pain in or around the ear, your local Weldricks pharmacist can help! Call into your local Weldricks pharmacy where the pharmacist can look in your child’s ear to assess the best course of treatment to help them feel better.
What are the symptoms of earache?
Ear pressure: ear pressure feels like the ear is full.
Discharge: some patients may experience discharge or fluid draining from the ear.
Loss of hearing: painful ear conditions can sometimes lead to hearing loss, especially if the patient has a build up of wax. Hearing loss can also occur if a patient has a perforated ear drum.
Toothache: Toothache can accompany ear pain when a small child is teething, or if a dental infection is present such as an abscess.
Fever: Earache can be accompanied by a fever. This usually indicates an ear infection.
Balance: your balance may be affected if you have an inner ear condition, this may also lead to dizziness.
How long does earache last?
If an ear infection is present, then this usually starts to resolve itself after a few days.
Can anyone access the Pharmacy First Earache service if they have earache?
This service is available for children aged 1 – 17 years.

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