Impetigo Treatment and Advice Service

About this service

Impetigo is a very contagious infection and is very common in younger children 

Our expert pharmacy teams will assess and can supply treatments for impetigo in adults and children over 1 years old.

Impetigo usually starts with red sores and blisters with a thin covering that quite often burst open, this often leads to a crusty yellow or golden brown patch on the skin that often looks quite wet and sore.

The patches, which are often around the mouth and nose, can look like yellowy bits of cornflake stuck to the skin, it can spread very quickly to the area around the first blister and even to other parts of the body. It is often itchy and sometimes painful.

Because the infection can be passed on easily it is important to have good hygeine and use separate towels and flannels. Good hand washing is important and wiping surfaces that have been touched.

Our trained pharmacist will ask some questions to get a bit more detail about the infection.

They will also check for any other conditions or symptoms that may need them to refer you to another NHS service for further checks.

This is a free NHS service if you are exempt from prescription charges.

Our pharmacy team will also give you other advice and suggest other treatments for the relief of symptoms.

This is a drop-in service but you may want to check with the pharmacy before heading to your local branch.

Our teams on hand to supply treatments for impetigo in children 1 to 17 Effective treatment options for impetigo in Doncaster, Rotherham, Sheffield, Scunthorpe, South Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire with Pharmacy First.

Impetigo leaflet


What is impetigo?
Impetigo is a common bacterial skin infection that is more prevalent in children but can occur in individuals of all ages. Impetigo looks like a red sore with a yellow or brown crust. It is typically seen on the face, hands and other exposed body parts. It is highly contagious and spreads through direct contact with an infected person. It is better to receive treatment as soon as possible to reduce the chance of the infection spreading.
If you or your child experiences a sore or blistered patch of skin your local Weldricks pharmacist can help! The pharmacist will be able to assess the affected area of skin and provide the best course of treatment to clear up the impetigo.
What are the symptoms of impetigo?
The symptoms of impetigo include:
• Red sores and blisters: These can vary in size and are often filled with fluid or pus.
• Crust: Once the sore or blister burst you tend to see a layer of crust forming.
• Itching: Impetigo can be itchy and uncomfortable.
• Pain and tenderness: Some patients experience pain and tenderness around the sore or blistered area.
• Temperature and swollen glands: In more severe cases a patient may experience a high temperature and or swollen glands.
What causes impetigo?
Impetigo is a bacterial skin infection. The bacteria (usually staphylococcus aureus) can enter healthy skin easily if the skin is damaged, such as a small cut or insect bite. Skin is also more prone to impetigo if the patient already suffers from a skin condition such as eczema, dermatitis, or a head lice infection.
How can I stop the spread of impetigo?
You can reduce the spread of the infection by adopting good hygiene and taking the below precautions:
• Don’t touch or scratch the infected area of skin.
• Wash the sores with soap and water and cover them loosely with a dressing or clothing.
• Wash hands frequently.
• Wash towels, bedding and clothing on a high temperature.
• If an infectious child, wash toys.
• Avoid the gym and contact sports.
• Avoid contact with vulnerable people such as immunosuppressed people or newborn babies.
If the infection is passed on to another family member, can they come in for treatment?
If anyone is suffering with the symptoms of impetigo, they can speak to their local Weldricks pharmacist.
Can anyone with symptoms access the Pharmacy First Impetigo service?
The service is available for adults and children aged over one year.

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