General First Aid Kits

Our selection of general first aid kits covers a range of different personal uses and situations, including home and family, travel, and camping. The home kits contain sterilising wipes and dressings, assorted plasters, antiseptic cream, scissors, safety pins and more, so you can be certain that you'll have everything you need for any emergency situation.

The travel first aid kit contains similar products to the home kit, but has additional specialised contents such as insect repellent wipes which may come in useful particularly when travelling abroad. They are generally more compact and lightweight to make them easy to pack away.

Finally, the camping kits are tailored to specific injuries that may only occur when out in the wilderness, or when you may not have access to usual facilities. This includes paracetamol tablets, burn treatments, eye wash, larger wound dressings and more. The first aid bag itself is also waterproof to allow its contents some protection from the elements.