Burns on Bonfire Night

Burns on Bonfire Night

Published: 26th October, 2018 in: Health Advice News

Fireworks, sparklers, Catherine wheels, roaring fires - Bonfire Night is a time full of fun, but with so much potential danger about it is important to keep yourself, and those around you, as safe as possible. We have all been told that you should wear gloves when using sparklers, and to keep away from lit fireworks, but what do we do when injuries do occur? Here is what to do if you need to treat a burn this Bonfire Night:

Remove anything close to the burn

Ensure that the burned area is dowsed fully, then remove anything from around the burn. Clothes, jewellery, and even nappies can make the wound worse so immediately ensure the area is clear.

Hold under running water

Place the affected area under cool (or lukewarm) water for at least 10 minutes or until the stinging stops. DO NOT use iced or very very cold water, nor creams or greasy substances. This step is important in ensuring the wound is both clean and cooling down. If the burn still stings then it is still very much active, so keep it under water until the stinging stops.

Cover the burn

To help keep the burn infection free, once the area has been cooled, cover it with clingfilm or a clean plastic bag. These will not stick to the burn and will also help to ease the pain by stopping air or debris getting to the burn. 

Assess the injury

If the burn is: through clothing, across a large area, deep, or on a baby/child then you should seek medical assistance immediately. Call 999 or get to your local Accident and Emergency department as soon as possible.

If the burn is small and minor you could look to treat this at home with burn products, which will help the healing process. However if the burn persists without healing, begins to hurt, or doesn't look right then seek medical advice as soon as possible. 

Why not try:

AlfaSilver - This wound treatment spray can be used for small burns to allow the control of oozing by creating a clean and moist environment that facilitates the natural healing process, keeping the area protected. The presence of silver ions prevents microbial contamination. The spray remains on the area, does not rub off, and is easily removed with the use of saline spray. Always read the directions and warnings before use.
Burnaid - Burnaid Kit is a handy first aid burns treatment kit, and perfect to have around on Bonfire Night. Better safe than sorry after all!The pack contains 1 10x10 Gel Impregnated Dressing, 5 Gel sachets, and 1 gauze bandage. These help to cool, soothes, and relieve the pain. Always read the directions and warnings before use.;