Published: 1st July, 2014 in: Health Advice

Motion sickness can be caused by any movement where the information received by your eyes and ears doesn’t match. This can make you feel groggy, nauseous and sometimes vomit. Kwells contain one of the most effective treatments for travel sickness – Hyoscine. Hyoscine may make you sleepy, but it works for around 4 hours, so is ideal for shorter journeys or if you’re going on a day out and want to be OK for activities in the day. As Hyoscine can make you sleepy it should never be used by anyone driving or operating machinery. The medication should be taken around 30 minutes before the beginning of the journey for optimum effect at preventing nausea. It can also be taken during the journey if you begin to feel sick, but once nausea has started any motion sickness medication tends not to be as effective. Tablets can be chewed, sucked or swallowed whole.


Adults should take one tablet every 6 hours as required and should not exceed 3 tablets in 24 hours. Children over 10 years should take half to one tablet every 6 hours as required. Children should not take more than 1.5 to 3 tablets in 24 hours.

Kwells for Kids

Weldricks Pharmacy offer Kwells for Kids, which are fruity and chewable, so are perfect to take on the go, just in case! Hyoscine isn’t suitable for everyone, so it’s best to check with your Pharmacist before you buy. Alternative preparations are also available for longer journeys; speak to your pharmacist for more information