Movicol (macrogol): A Complete Guide

Movicol (macrogol): A Complete Guide

Published: 29th August, 2017 in: Conditions Health Advice

What is the Use of Movicol?

Movicol is a popular natural formula that is used to treat acute and chronic constipation symptoms. It can also be used to treat fecal impaction which is caused by a build-up of compacted stool.

How Many can be Taken in a Day?

If you are suffering from fecal impaction, you should take up to 8 laxative sachets per day. If you want to treat acute or chronic constipation you should take one sachet up to three times per day. Do not exceed more than 2 sachets per hour if you have a heart condition.

How Long Does it Take for Movicol to Take Effect?

Unlike some laxatives on the market, Movicol is designed to give you more control over your bowel movements and is gentler that most products. Usually people find that Movicol takes effect around one to two days after taking it. The duration of the treatment for constipation may continue for up to two weeks.

How Does It Work?

Movicol should be mixed with water and aids constipation by softening the stools by infusing them with water, bulking them up and in turn encouraging a bowel movement. It contains Sodium Bicarbonate, Sodium Chloride and Potassium Chloride (also known as electrolytes) so it won’t leave you feeling dehydrated like some laxatives can. The stools are softened and as a result pass more comfortably.

Are There Any Side Effects?

Like any laxatives, Movicol can result in a number of possible side effects. Possible side effects of the product include stomach ache, indigestion, mild diarrhea, soreness of the anus and nausea. Just because some people have experienced these side effects does not mean that you will, these are simply listed as a precaution. Always talk to your GP for advice before using any new forms of medication or laxatives.

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