Regaine – Hair Loss Treatment

Regaine – Hair Loss Treatment

Published: 1st July, 2016 in: Hair Loss Health Advice

Regaine Hair Loss Treatment

Hair loss affects both men and women and it can be a cause for concern and embarrassment for anyone who suffers from it. If you are suffering from this condition, there are a number of things that you can do to take action against it. With this in mind, let’s take a closer look at the factors that can cause hair loss and the steps you can take to see noticeable improvements.


Common Causes of Hair Loss

If you are under a lot of physical or emotional stress, this could be the reason that your hair is falling out. A stressful event such as a car accident or a break up with a loved one can trigger hair loss so if you find stress is a factor in your life, this could be a potential cause of your symptoms. If your hair loss is stress related it may grow back once you have eliminated the cause of stress from your daily life. Male Pattern Baldness is a result of genetics and usually affects older men in the form of a receding hairline or baldness around the crown area. This condition can be improved with medication. Females can also be affected by Pattern Baldness and this is also hereditary. Hair loss is more commonly known to affect men but females are not immune to hair loss and any kind of hormone change can cause it. The good news is that with the right product, you can start to bring your hair back to its former glory.


What is Regaine?

Regaine is an effective hair loss treatment for men and women under the age of 65. The success of this product is due to its primary ingredient Minoxidil. This product is designed to increase the blood flow to the hair follicles and encourage regrowth in just eight weeks. This product is available in many forms including lotions, shampoos and scalp foam and comes in a variety of different strengths to meet your specific requirements.


How do I Use Regaine?

Regaine is quick to use and easy to apply:

  • Apply the treatment twice a day for optimum results
  • Apply the treatment directly to clean, dry skin
  • Lightly massage the treatment in to the affected area
  • Allow the solution to dry and style as usual


What are the Benefits of Regaine?

There are many benefits to using this effective hair loss treatment.

Proven Results

One of the main benefits of using this product is its high success rate. Regaine for women has been proven to encourage hair regrowth in 80 percent of women who have used this product. It is also proven to halt hair loss in 80 percent of men who use Regaine regularly.

Quick Results

Using Regaine can provide noticeable results in just eight weeks.


Regaine is a simple and speedy solution for hair loss that requires daily application and only takes a few minutes out of your schedule.

Experiencing any type of hair loss can be distressing but with the right treatment, you can experience positive results that will rebuild your self confidence.