How to Achieve Greater Sexual Pleasure and Empowerment as a Woman

How to Achieve Greater Sexual Pleasure and Empowerment as a Woman

Published: 16th October, 2023 in: Sexual Health

As a society, we often talk about the importance of empowering women in various aspects of life. From achieving success professionally to having insight into our own health, we recognise that women’s voices and perspectives are essential. However, up until recently this kind of empowerment often failed to extend to sexual pleasure. 

Thankfully, as the contemporary world has evolved, there is an increasing awareness around the topic of sexual pleasure and the empowerment of women. It is important for women to understand that sexual pleasure plays a vital role in their overall wellbeing and that it should be taken seriously. As a result, more and more women are taking charge of their sex lives and exploring their own bodies. 

Sexual Pleasure and Empowerment

The journey to sexual pleasure and empowerment starts with self-acceptance and a willingness to learn about your own body and your own individual pleasure preferences. Learning about the anatomy of the female body and understanding the sensations associated with different types of stimulation will help you become more comfortable with your sexuality – and there are many different products available to help support you on your journey to self-pleasure. 

If you are new to solo play and sexual pleasure, then it is important to remember to take it slow. Start by exploring your own body and erogenous zones, experimenting with different kinds of textures and pressure to find what works best for you. Being open to experimentation and exploration is key too as there can be different levels of pleasure found in unexpected places.

Adult Toys

Once you are comfortable and have found what you like, you can then look to introduce different elements to your pleasure such as lubricants and sex toys. 

If you’re choosing your very first sex toy, we recommend you opt for a toy that stimulates your body externally first. Vibration can be an intense stimulation so it’s best to start gently and work your way up until you find your own personal pleasure peak. Consider products that have multiple speeds so you can begin with mild stimulation and explore at your own pace. 

External stimulation is an excellent place to start, as for many, internal vibrations can be intense so it’s much easier to remove an external toy quickly if the sensation is too much. There are also more sensitive erogenous zones on the exterior of the body, making for a more pleasurable exploration experience. 

From palm-sized clitoral vibrators like the Skins Minis Scream Egg to vibrators designed to look like everyday objects like the Skins Rose Buddies Rose Lix, there are a multitude of different options available so you can be sure to find one that works for you.

Then, if and when you are ready, you can introduce internal vibrators and g-spot massagers in the way of the Skins Minis Sweet G. For a smoother and more enjoyable experience, many sex toy instruction sheets recommend the use of lubricants with their toys. A little lubricant applied directly to the toy and to where it is going will make it a far more enjoyable experience. However, it is worth bearing in mind that silicone-based lubricants cannot be used with silicone toys so if you do choose a silicone toy you are better off using water-based lubricants such as Skins Aqua or the tantalisingly tingling Skins Excite

You may decide that toys aren’t for you and that’s ok too. Finding the right stimulation and pleasure for you is a personal journey. But thankfully, there are many different products and varieties out there to help you find what works best for your needs and desires as you uncover your own personal level of sexual pleasure.

Sexual Pleasure as a Woman

Women can also empower themselves sexually by setting boundaries that work for them. Being able to communicate your needs and desires in a safe and respectful way will allow you to have more fulfilling and enjoyable experiences. It is also important to find partners who are also comfortable talking about sex and who respect your boundaries - remember that consent and respect are always key elements to a fulfilling sexual experience.

Ultimately, each woman’s experience of sexual pleasure and empowerment is unique, but taking the time to explore these topics and get to know yourself and your body can be incredibly rewarding. When we take care of ourselves and pay attention to our body’s responses, we are better equipped to engage in enjoyable sexual activities. Taking an active role in your own sexual pleasure will not only make this process enjoyable, but also lead to a greater sense of self-confidence and well-being.

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