What NRT Product is Best For Me?

What NRT Product is Best For Me?

Published: 14th October, 2016 in: Quit Smoking Smoking Harm Reduction

NRT products come in a variety of forms to suit your needs: patches are discreet, nasal sprays offer a quick hit of Nicotine, whereas inhalators offer the motion of a cigarette, which is more helpful to those who miss the action.

Gum is perfect for those who have irregular smoking patterns, as they simply chew a piece of gum when they feel the urge to smoke.

Lozenges and microtabs are discreet as they are left to dissolve on the tongue. They are perfect for irregular smokers as they can be taken as and when needed.

Inhalation aids are useful for people who depend on the behavioural aspects of smoking. Nicotine is inhaled through the mouth, similar to normal cigarettes.

Strips dissolve in your mouth for fast relief from cravings. Strips are very discreet and dissolve in approximately 3 minutes.

Sprays are available in two forms; a mouth spray or a nasal spray. Sprays mimic the rapid increase in nicotine levels that you get from smoking cigarettes Mouth sprays are the fastest form of NRT in terms of the length of time it takes for nicotine to reach the brain.

Patches offer a discreet, constant supply of nicotine into the bloodstream through the skin. This is perfect for those who do not depend on the behavioural aspects of smoking.