Actisorb Silver Activated Charcoal  Dressing 19cm x 10.5cm

Actisorb Silver Activated Charcoal Dressing 19cm x 10.5cm


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Consists principally of activated carbon impregnated with metallic silver produced by a heating a specially treated fine viscose fabric under carefully controlled conditions

The carbonised fabric is enclosed in a sleeve of spun-bonded non-woven nylon, sealed along all four edges, to facilitate handling and reduce particle and fibre loss

When applied to a wound the dressing adsorbs toxins and wound degradation products as well as volatile amines and fatty acids responsible for the production of wound odour

Bacteria present in wound exudate are also attracted to the surface of the dressing where they are killed by the antimicrobial activity of the silver, which is active against a wide range of pathogenic organisms

This action is claimed to reduce the bacterial colonization of the wound and thus inhibit infection without the problems associated with the use of topical antibiotics or antiseptics



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