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Bens 30 Insect Repellent Spray 100ml

Bens 30 Insect Repellent Spray 100ml

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Brand: Bens
Code: 3095932
Weight: 110g (includes packaging)


Ben’s 30 Standard Strength is a water-based 30% concentration DEET insect repellent, providing up to 8 hours protection against mosquitoes, midges, ticks and all types of biting insects. Ben’s 30 Standard Strength is recommended for general family use (children aged from 2 years upwards) in most European locations.

Recommended for general use in most European and North American locations, but if you suffer severe reactions from insect bites, or if you're travelling to more exotic locations where insect-bourne diseases such as malaria, dengue fever or West Nile Virus are present, adults should use Ben's 100 Safari Strength Insect Repellent for maximum protection.

It is said to be suitable for use by children from the age of two.

Ben's 30 is supplied in a 100ml plastic bottle with a pump action spray.


Reapply every 4 to 6 hours - typically one bottle can provide protection for one person for up to 2 weeks.

Ben’s 30 Insect Repellent Spray will be an appropriate choice for protecting children as well as adults, leaving more insect repellent on the skin so that it fights against biting insects longer. Alcohol creates a strong aroma providing the traditional ‘insect repellent’ smell. The water-based formula isn’t as strong smelling and, with the addition of fragrant Lemongrass oil, is much more pleasant to use. 




Do not apply over cuts, wounds, or irritated skin.

Avoid getting in eyes. May cause temporary eye injury. In case of eye contact, wash eyes with plenty of water. If irritation persists, seek medical attention. Wash skin and/or clothing thoroughly with soap and water after use.

May cause skin reactions in rare cases. If so, wash treated skin and seek medical attention. Take the repellent with you.

For external use only. Harmful if swallowed.

Products containing DEET can cause damage to clothes and so direct contact should be avoided.


Active Ingredients: N.N Diethyl - M - Toluamide 30% DEET, Other Isomers 59.

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