Care Surgical Spirit 200ml

Care Surgical Spirit 200ml

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Care Surgical Spirit is perfect for combating bed soars disinfecting skin and also helps to harden delicate soft skin on the feet. Care Surgical Spirit has been specially formulated to contain a lot of kind and caring ingredients which will all work alongside each other so soothe bed soars and clean in and around wounds. Plus can also be use on the tootsies to.

Surgical Spirit acts to tighten, harden and disinfect the outer layer of the skin. It also contains castor oils to help prevent cracking and dryness. Surgical Spirit is a popular product known for it's skin sterilising properties that can help prevent bed sores & helps to harden the skin.

Surgical Spirit can help:

  • sterilise the skin
  • harden the skin
  • prevent bed sores
  • cure bed sores

Surgical Spirit is applied topically.

Apply the solution to the skin with a pad of cotton wool as required.
For external use only


Virgin Caster Oil, BP 2.5% v/v, Methyl Salicylate BP 0.5% v/v, Diethyl Phthalate BP 2.0% v/v, Industrial Methylated Spirit BP 95% v/v.

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