Desang Slim Kitbag Black

Desang Slim Kitbag Black

Desang Slim Kitbag Black

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Brand: Desang
Code: 113372622
Weight: 273g (includes packaging)


The Slim model is ideal for those who only use one insulin during the day, or those on an insulin pump. Pumpers still need to blood test, and it’s good practice to have a pack-up insulin pen handy ‘just in case’ you need it.

Neat and discreet, the SLIM model fits:

  • Blood test machine
  • Finger pricker
  • Spare pen refils (insulin cartridges)
  • Spare sensors
  • Blood test diary and pen
  • Spare needles and lancets

It can also be used for insulin bottles and syringes.

The Slim kitbag measures H: 20cm (7.9″) W: 12cm (4.7″) D: 4cm (1.6″) Wt: (when empty): 200g

The Slim model is made from black leather which is wipe-cleanable, to ensure durability as well as style.

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