Endekay Dental Floss Sticks Pack of 100

Endekay Dental Floss Sticks Pack of 100

Endekay Dental Floss Sticks Pack of 100

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Brand: Endekay
Code: 3137486
Weight: 20g


Endekay Dental Sticks are designed to clean teeth, remove plaque and are especially useful for helping to clean around implants and bridges.

Endekay Dental Sticks come in a handy compact case, making them ideal for when travelling.
•Extra fine sticks
•Help protect teeth
•Ideal for when travelling
•Endekay Dental Sticks are made from environmentally friendly material


Bridges, Braces, Implants and Wide Spaces: 

Thread the floss between teeth and appliance or through wide spaces. Use a soft back-and-forth motion to remove plaque. Gently slide the floss UNDER THE GUMLINE. Use an up-and-down motion to remove plaque. 

Regular Teeth:

Gently slide floss between teeth and UNDER THE GUMLINE. Clean under the gumline as directed above. 

Use a fresh section of floss for every tooth.


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