Epitact Bunion Protector Large

Epitact Bunion Protector Large

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Brand: Epitact
Code: 5550918044
Weight: 20g (includes packaging)


Using the Epitact Bunion Protector relieves the pain associated with the pressures and frictions on the bunion. For bunion protection, size matters: carrying a protection that is too bulky in the shoe can aggravate the problem further or create undesirable pain on other areas of the foot. The Epitact Protector is therefore thin and lightweight, but still very effective. The patented EPITHELIUM 26 silicone gel helps avoid frictions on the bunion and was deliberately limited to 1mm of thickness.

Can be worn on either left or right foot.

If you are unsure between two sizes, choose the smaller one.

Size Small Medium Large
UK 4 - 5.5 6 - 8 8.5 - 11
EU 36 - 38 39 - 41 42 - 45

Slip your foot into the protection pad, putting your great toe in the tubular part. The Epithelium 26 gel module should be placed on the hallux valgus.

To help the protection pad to remain in position, wear tights, socks or stockings over it.


Do not use on injured skin.

In case of arteritis, diabetes, lower limb neuropathy or ulcers, seek advice from your doctor or podiatrist before use and then regularly monitor your foot.


61% Polyamide/Elastane Fabric, 39% Silicone.

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