Frontline Tri-Act Spot On Small Dogs Pipettes Pack of 3

Frontline Tri-Act Spot On Small Dogs Pipettes Pack of 3

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FRONTLINE Tri-act® FOR DOGS has a unique formula that kills faster1 and repels more2 disease-carrying parasites than the next leading competitor brand. Use every 4 weeks to provide long-lasting protection against flying insects as well as fleas and ticks whilst also preventing home flea infestations

  • Kills faster1 - Kills newly arriving fleas and ticks on your dog within 6 hours and keeps working for the whole duration of the treatment
  • Kills mosquitoes, biting flies and sandflies
  • Repels more2 - repels ticks for 4 weeks and repels flying insects for up to 5 weeks to prevent them from biting
  • Controls infestations - prevents a flea infestation in your home when used every 4 weeks, by killing fleas before they can lay eggs

Remove one applicator from the pack.

Cut the top of the applicator using scissors.

Separate the hair between the dog's shoulder blades. Place the applicator tip onto the skin.

Gently squeeze the applicator at skin level. Split the dose in 2 spots: the base of the neck in front of the shoulder blades & the middle of the neck between the base of the skull and shoulder blades.

The treatment will naturally spread over their skin. However, do not bathe your pet or let them swim for 2 days after application.


For external use only.

For animal treatment only.

Keep out of the sight and reach of children.


Fipronil 67.6mg, Permethrin 504.8mg.

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