Full Marks Removal Comb

Full Marks Removal Comb

Full Marks Removal Comb


Once head lice are dead they wash out of hair very easily. However, most treatments leave dead eggs or empty egg shells, known as nits, attached to hair. These eggs will not hatch or cause any harm. The easiest way to remove them is with the Full Marks Removal Comb, which catches the eggs between its very fine teeth.


  • Wash the hair with a normal shampoo.
  • Apply enough conditioner to cover the hair with an ordinary comb to remove any tangles.
  • If the hair is long, separate into sections to make combing easier.
  • Start with the teeth of the Removal Comb touching the scalp, and draw the comb carefully towards the edge of the hair.
  • After each stroke, check the teeth of the comb (in good light) for lice and, if necessary, use a piece of tissue to wipe the conditioner from the comb to look for lice.
  • Continue to comb each section thoroughly until the whole head is done. This can take anywhere from 20 minutes to over an hour.


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