Gillette Venus Smooth Razor Blades Pack of 4

Gillette Venus Smooth Razor Blades Pack of 4


Brand: Gillette
Code: 2759892
Weight: 175g (includes packaging)

  • Three blades surrounded by soft protective cushions
  • Pivoting rounded head
  • Indicator strip with Aloe and Vitamin E
  • Single-point docking makes cartridge replacement incredibly easy
  • Each cartridge is sealed in an individual casing keeping it clean and dry

Gillette Venus Razor Blades Cartridges Four Pack for Women feature four triple-headed blades for unbeatable hair removal. For use with Gillette Venus Razor for Women, these replacement blades have a unique rounded head, designed to hug the curves and contours of your body, creating less friction and a glide-like shave. They also feature a moisturising blue indicator strip, containing Aloe and Vitamin E, which help hydrate skin with every stroke, protecting your skin from the negative after-effects of shaving, such as redness, dryness and skin irritation. The blades are so gentle that your legs will feel softer and smoother in no time at all, giving you a feminine glow with radiant and touchable skin. Soft cushions on the blades help protect the skin by evening it out, so you catch every hair. That means you need less strokes - so there's less irritation. The cushioned heads contain a moisture strip designed to nourish and replenish moisture lost from shaving, and leave a fresh complexion to your skin after shaving. The pivoting head moves around curves, so you get confident control, even in the bath or shower.


Follow the insertion instructions as detailed on the packaging.


Age Restriction

You must be at least 16 years old to purchase this product.




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