Kotex Maxi Towels Nightime Pack of 10

Kotex Maxi Towels Nightime Pack of 10

£1.05 Save: £0.73 RRP: £1.78

Brand: Kotex
Code: 0348144
Weight: 410g (includes packaging)


It's extra cushioned & has a unique quilted cover for a new level of comfort Uncompromised protection and sumptuous softness at night, after childbirth or whenever you need it most.
Experience the new generation of softness. Softness & protection with no compromises!
The extra cushioning and soft quilted cover makes the product ideal for overnight or post natal use

Cottony soft and super discreet - with Kotex® pads now you can feel cool and confident whatever the time of month.



Please see the packaging for easy to follow instructions.


Please use according to the instructions on the pack.


There are no ingredients listed for this product.

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