Lifesystems Bite Relief Clicker

Lifesystems Bite Relief Clicker

Lifesystems Bite Relief Clicker

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Brand: Lifesystems
Code: 5555706540
Weight: 15g (includes packaging)


Place directly onto the infected area of skin and push the button about 5 - 10 times for instant relief. Repeat as necessary.


When travelling abroad, mosquitoes can be a huge problem. Not only are they annoying, they also transmit disease. Malaria is the most common disease that they transmit, and is responsible for the deaths of 1 in 17 people currently alive. Also yellow fever, dengue fever and several forms of encephalitis can be transmitted to whomever the mosquito bites.

Lifesystems Bite Relief Click is a pocket sized device which soothes the discomfort and itching of insect bites. 'Clicking' the device 5-10 times around the area of the bite has the effect of localizing the poison and inhibiting the histamine release which causes the itch. This helps neutralize the toxicity of the mosquito bite with no harmful effect on the surrounding skin, thus reducing inflammation and swelling. Each device can treat up to 1,000 bites/10,000 clicks.


For external use only. Keep out of reach of children. This product will only reduce the itch and not remove the toxins or infection associated with the bites. Seek medical attention should you be at risk from infectious disease or you experiance an adverse reaction.


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